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NZ Samoans return to support their homeland

Four of Samoa's sons have returned to show support and bring gifts for their homeland. They aim to help those who have suffered from the devastation of the measles outbreak that started back in October. Former All Black Ma'a Nonu, former world heavyweight boxing champion Joseph Parker, NRL power house Martin Taupau and comedian Tofiga Fepulea'i all landed in Samoa to help uplift the spirits of the grieving families.

Nonu says, "Yeah I think it’s a great initiative, great occasion for us to be here especially an opportunity to land on the ground, show our love and support. We're not the only ones supporting this cause but we're the lucky ones to come and present the presents."

For NRL power house Martin Taupau and comedian Tofiga Fepulea'i it’s worth the long journey home.

Taupau says, "I have a strong connection with my Samoan family and my Samoan community. It definitely means a lot here and it’s really heart breaking. Being a father and knowing that there’s over sixty plus children under the age of four have lost their lives."

Fepulea'i says, "We're not doctors or anything or know anything medical and stuff like that. But we're just here to share the love that’s been donated by our beautiful people in New Zealand."

At this time every year the former heavy weight boxing champion Joseph Parker finds reprieve from the boxing ring to give back to the unfortunate of Samoa.

Parker says, "At this time I thinks it’s really important to be here in Samoa to show our support with what’s been happening. I know that the measles outbreak wasn't the best thing to happen here in Samoa but I think just the little thing like being here and also being able to donate."

For these sons of Samoa upholding the integrity of their home country means the utmost to them and they are encouraging the rest of the world to visit their paradise.

Fepulea'i also says, "So for those who maybe planning trips to come over Christmas and that I'd encourage you to come over."

Parker had this to say about his beloved Samoa, "I love the weather, I love to be able to relax, I love eating mangoes, drinking coconuts you know and wearing jandals everyday."

"Samoa's a beautiful place to visit and it’s definitely a safe place here", Taupau said.

In closing Nonu says, "It’s still safe to come to the country and its okay to vaccinate so the countries still flowing and hopefully people can come back."

It definitely seems the worse of the measles epidemic is behind the people of Samoa. The Samoan cabinet will meet tomorrow to approve the lifting of its current state of emergency.