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Polynesian metal group remix Siva Tau for Samoa measles victims

Shepherds Reign while filming their music video Le Manu.   Photo / Shepherds Reign (Facebook)

South Auckland metal band Shepherds Reign have released their new single “Le Manu” dedicated to measles victims in Samoa. The group is known for its fusion of Polynesian instruments into their music, as well as their covers of Disney classics such as “Let It Go” from the film Frozen.

The band of five have taken the Siva Tau, the famous haka performed by Manu Samoa before every game, and remixed it heavy metal style. Their unique rendition of the Siva Tau is named "Le Manu" in honour of the nation's rugby team which performs it.

Shepherds Reign perform their new single Le Manu.   Video / Shepherds Reign (YouTube)

Faivaa James, a trained pianist and rock vocalist, is flanked by his two guitarists Oliver Leupolu and Gideon Voon. The dynamic trio are just as comfortable playing acoustic instruments as they are slashing away on their electric equivalents.

With Shaymen Rameka, their Māori machine-gun like drummer and tangata whenua newcomer Joseph Oti-George tapping away at bass, the Shepherds are ready to win over headbangers the world over.

Brian Lima leads Manu Samoa in the Siva Tau, performed in memory of Peter Fatiolofa.   Video / World Rugby (YouTube)

Te Ao is meeting with the band today to discuss their new single and their journey as Māori, Pasifika and Asian metal-heads. Keep an eye on our Facebook feed for updates during the day and our 6.30pm news for our interview with the band.