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Police to conduct review of investigation into missing mum

Source - Nā te whānau a Jamie Kaiwai

Police have confirmed they will now review their investigation into the disappearance of missing mum Jamie Kaiwai. The 27-year-old was last seen in Tolaga Bay (Uawa) in October 2019.

In Te Ao Māori News report yesterday, the Police were confident the circumstances into her disappearance weren't suspicious.

However, Jamie’s cousin Jonique Oli-Alainu’uese had a different account of the entire situation, “she was petrified of someone and she wanted to just get out of Tologa Bay. But she wouldn’t tell me why,” she says.

Today Police confirmed information coming to light in recent reports is inconsistent with information they've gathered throughout their investigation into the disappearance of Kaiwai.

In November, Police confirmed with Te Ao Māori News that ‘search operations were underway’ trying to find any clues into Jamie’s disappearance. Her vehicle was located at Tolaga Bay wharf with keys still in the ignition. Jamie was nowhere to be found.

Oli-Alainu’uese ran a campaign on Facebook over the weekend trying find out more about her cousin’s disappearance, claiming the Police convinced her whānau that it was a ‘suicide’ based on her mental health issues.

The intention of the post aimed to highlight the fact that ‘women similar to Jamie are STILL missing all over NZ’, ones that had a history of drug use and mental health issues.

Gisborne Police Detective Sergeant Daniel Kirk have also accepted there is a lot of unanswered questions, “The investigation has been handled by a team of dedicated investigators from the Criminal Investigation Branch and is currently being reviewed by a senior investigator.”

However, whānau are taking proactive steps conducting the search  themselves. This Wednesday they will investigate areas north of Tolaga Bay in the Mangatuna and Mangatokerau surrounding areas.

If you have any information please contact Police on 06-877 0609.

Alternatively, information can be given anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.