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Plan B: Taitokerau haka regionals to be performed only to judges

The committee for the Taitokerau kapa haka regionals have decided for teams to perform in front of judges not the public due to COVID-19.

Deciding this outcome was considered thoroughly by all the rōpū members who attended a hui led by the committee of the "Maranga Mai E Te Iwi" festival for the 2020 regionals in Taitokerau.

“We will work with the venue owners to ensure all logistics are safe,” Ropata Diamonds says.

Rōpū were also given the option to provide a suitable time to perform in front of the judges.

It is the first of its kind where regional kapa haka would be dealt with like this in order to keep whānau safe during this time of the pandemic and since the Government have announced many cancellations of major events nationwide.

15 teams have been registered for the regionals that will take place on the 28th of March 2020.

Māori Television will still run a livestream for whānau throughout the motu to support their rōpū, trying to qualify for the 2021 Te Matatini in Auckland.

Order of performance:

1. Hātea Manawanui

2. Ngāti Wai Kaumātua

3. Ngā Hua O Te Kākano

4. Te Kapa Haka o Karanga Maha

5. Waerenga Rangi

6. Hato Hōhepa

7. Te Au Warawara

8. Te Rua O Puanga

9. Te Kapa Haka o Ngāti Hine

10. Te Aupouri

11. Waerenga Te Kaha

12. Puangarua

13. Muriwhenua

14. Hātea Kapa Haka

15. Ngā Manu Matui