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Maketū checkpoint operators refute politician claims

Maketū checkpoint operators who've been labelled as 'renegades and ratbags' are saddened with the recent comments made by politicians after concerns were raised yesterday before the Pandemic Response Select Committee.

The committee chair Simon Bridges said he was informed of a 70-year-old resident from Maketū who was not allowed past a checkpoint from a gang member to get a milk from the dairy, due to his age.

But Wiremu Edmonds the lead operator of the Maketū checkpoint is refuting those claims.

Edmonds says he's disheartened with the false accusations, he says, "We've sacrificed our family time to protect our community borders from COVID-19." Saying with comments like that, "It feels like it’s been a waste of our time."

Since the checkpoint came into effect 19 days ago, Maketū has had zero COVID-19 cases.

Edmonds also welcomed Mr Bridges to attend the checkpoint for himself to see firsthand how their operation works.