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Trump put economics before the population - Los Angeles-based Kiwi

The USA COVID-19 death toll is expected to reach 100,000 this week. The virus has put 39 million Americans out of work in just nine weeks.

Ex-pat Rhaiah Spooner-Knight believes President Trump isn't doing a good job to fight the pandemic.

"I think he's choosing the economy more than the population. Especially the minority groups that are feeling the effects harder," Spooner-Knight says.

"No, he been doing a horrible job. just the overall leadership. The way he's been handling stuff, it created a lot of distress," husband Dante Williams says.

The California State Governor announced a further lockdown of four weeks. This has put extra strain on Rhaiah and Dante's whānau and friends.

"My mum, our friends, you know, me, her, we've all been laid off for work. We've been trying to get Government assistance which is not much at all," Williams says.

"So it's been hitting a lot of my family [sic] and us pretty tough."

They say that the inconsistency of COVID-19 restrictions has caused distress and confusion but ultimately a long-term goal if returning to New Zealand is something to look forward to.