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Jobs and training coming to Ngāwhā

Far North Holdings will receive Coalition government funding for a business park in Ngāwhā, east of Kaikohe.

The $19.5 million investment will go to preparing the 240ha site for construction. That includes upgrading infrastructure such as roads, power and water.

When construction begins, an estimated 150 jobs will be created. Upon completion of stage one, an expected 250 jobs will be created.

“This park, which has the backing of stakeholders, including local iwi, will be a game-changer for Kaikohe, which has struggled to attract private investment in the past due to its relative distance, lack of infrastructure and trained workforce,” Regional Development Minister Shane Jones says.

Far North Holdings is the commercial arm of the Far North District Council. It received $897,000 in 2019 fora business case for the park.

Jones said that there are plans for a training centre on-site as well. Up to 50 people could be trained in the centre each year, on completion.