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Police warn motorists after checkpoint arrest

Police are reminding the public to make sure they have the correct documentation to leave or drive through Auckland.

If required, police advise motorists to apply for an exemption if they want to enter Auckland.

As Potaka Maipi from Te Ao Māori explains, the first arrest was made today in Hamilton today when a motorist failed to stop at a checkpoint on State Highway One in Mercer.

"So there are fears for others who may attempt to leave through the exit south of Auckland towards Waikato."

Police have also clarified the location of Auckland's lockdown checkpoints, following confusion north of Auckland where residents report being turned away from the police-manned stations.

Eight checkpoints were set up around Auckland's regional boundaries as the city entered alert level 3 at midnight on Sunday, while the rest of the country is at alert level 2.

Auckland Police Checkpoints are located below:

• SH1/Mangawhai Road (Twin Coast Discovery Highway)
• Mangawhai Road / north of Coal Hill Road
• Black Swamp, west of Rako Road
• Mangawhai Road and Cames Road
• Mangawhai Road and Ryan Road
Note:  Mangawhai Road also known as Twin Coast Discovery Highway

• Mercer off ramp / Koheroa Road – (South bound traffic on SH1 and Mercy Ferry road).
• SH1 / Oram Road – (North bound traffic on SH1)
• Mangatawhiri Road / Koheroa Road / SH2 off ramp (All East and West Bound traffic)
• East Coast Road (Waharau Regional Park)
• Pukekawa-Churchill / Highway 22 and Highway 22 / Logan Road
• Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Road intersection with Klondyke Road