Pavement penis: Aucklander’s lockdown revenge over Tamaki protest

At least one locked down Aucklander has fired a retaliatory shot at Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki over his 3000 strong anti-lockdown rally.

A Drury local tells Te Ao Māori news he was greeted by a ‘huge penis’ enshrined in spray paint on the asphalt outside Tamaki’s home, while headed to work this morning.

“This was painted outside of Brian Tamaki’s house last night. I came across it at 5am.“  he wrote.

“It was as big as my ute!” he said.

The installation states ‘Tamaki is a”, then features the phallic image.

While many wore masks and appeared to attempt social distancing, Saturday’s protest violated level 3 alert restrictions which require groups to stay within their bubble.

Ahead of the protest Police Commissioner Andrew Coster and Māori Development Minister Willie Jackson plead with Tamaki to cancel the event fearing it could serve as a spreading event.

At the foot of Auckland’s war memorial cenotaph Tamaki claimed the group was “taking back our country”.

He said the government lock downs were “stripping away the freedoms and rights of everyday Kiwis.”

Tamaki’s ‘Freedom & Rights Coalition’ has not ruled out further protest.

Te Ao Māori news understands the phallic graffiti has since been painted over.