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Max Palamo, golf champ-ish: 'I thought you were just the caddy'

Olas Life or Max Palamo is an influencer and all-around funny guy on social media. Next week, he is fundraising for cancer with a 12-hour golf tournament. He spoke to his golfing buddy Liam Messam.

"Max, I hear you are the Ngāruawāhian golf champion. Can you please confirm that?" Messam asks.

"Yes, well last year I played in the club champs," Max replies, before his daughter Lauola interjects. "I thought Jordan (Rangihika) was the champ, you're just the caddy."

"I'm still a champ, even though I was a caddy. I gave him all the shots," says a smiling Max.

"Did he tell you I beat him last week?" Messam asks Lauola. "He's terrible."

"Golf's about life experiences, it's not about winning. It's about getting out there, promoting being healthy, seeing some ladies .." Max says, before getting a playful whack on the back from his daughter.

Max and Lauola are supporting Cancer Society Waikato's The longest Day Challenge, with a golfing endurance event of 72 holes at Huntly Golf Course on 13 December

"That's playing four rounds of golf in one day. We've planned it out and that's probably going to take us from six in the morning to six in the evening," says Max.