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Seymour slams PM’s pavlova tactics

It may be a time of cheer but ACT leader David Seymour is adamant about holding the government to account, even on holiday.

On Christmas night the Prime Minister took to social media to reveal a pretty normal Christmas mishap. A Picture of a kiwi favourite (pavlova) covered in berries and a caption saying:

“If like me, your pavlova cracked down the middle on extracting it from the (lined!) oven tray, I recommend covering it in both cream and half a kilo of berries. Then if you still run the risk of someone discovering it, offer to slice it so no one’s the wiser (until you post about said pavlova disaster online.) Better living everyone, and merry, merry Christmas. No matter where you are, or whether you were working or celebrating, I hope you had a chance to touch base with people who love you.”

Seymour didn't miss a beat, taking the opportunity to have his own crack at the government's response this year, resharing the post to his social media platforms with the caption: "I think what Jacinda meant was: "If your government's agenda starts to crumble, just cover with spin and taxpayer money. If voters catch on, give them a bigger slice of cake!"

Seymour has been relentless in his criticism of the government's covid response. In an interview with Te Ao Mārama, Seymour put the disproportionate numbers of new Covid 19 cases among Māori and Pacific people down to the variables that impact these communities such as housing arrangements, underlying health conditions, resources, and access to healthcare.

The Twitter response however was a mixed bag, one commented saying 'I love how the PM just having pavlova triggers Seymour and his followers.'

Another describes him as the Christmas Villain saying, 'Found the #Grinch' with one citing his alliance with the National Party, 'Add comedy writer to the jobs Seymour couldn't do if he ever lost the gift-wrapped seat National indulge him with.'

Seymour however did find support in others, one tweeter saying “It's her ' let them eat cake' moment” the social media user called Ardern 'totally out of touch' with the average person and said she was 'in her own PR bubble.'

Critique over the holiday period is exactly what one follower appreciated from the Ngāpuhi politician saying, 'Despite the negativity in the remarks to this comment, I think Seymour is spot on.' They went on to say, 'The effects of the PM’s rule haven’t disappeared for Christmas and therefore neither should the critique.'

The cancellation of the Ratana and Waitangi commemorations means the political year may take longer to kick off in the New Year. Members of Parliament are set to return to the house for debate after the country’s National day on the 8th of February.

38 days until it all kicks off again in the capital and Seymour is not wasting any time getting debates under the belt before then.