Regional | Adam Blair

Adam Blair goes home to coach under 18s against Warriors

Adam Blair goes home to Te Taitokerau to coach the local under 18s in a game against the Warriors in Whangarei.

"I'm here supporting the beautiful game of rugby league, grassroots as well," Blair says.

Former Warrior Louis Anderson filled Blair in on the day's events, "We've got the Northland boys, the 16s and 18s playing against the Warriors."

"I mean it's massive. Those of us involved in rugby league know it's the best sport and to have the presence of ARL (Auckland Rugby League) or the Warriors up here gives a lot of support to the community here.

"So it goes quite a long way having them around and supporting our young kids. Also for them seeing you guys, like you 'Blairy' and Ruben Wiki, it gives a lot of inspiration as well."

Anderson also explained what he is up to these days.

"I moved home a couple of years ago, I got into scuba diving, so became a scuba diving instructor.  Bit strange but I love the ocean, so got into that. But I'm also building," Anderson says.