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'Uppercut yourself': Dame Valerie calls out 'disgusting' comments by local TV personality

Dame Valerie Adams says local TV personality Louise Wallace should "uppercut" herself after "disgusting" comments suggesting the body positivity movement has normalised "fat women".

"So size 12 is normal but size 18 is not? Uppercut yourself because what you're saying is disgusting," Dame Valerie said in a now-deleted Instagram post.

On Three's AM Show on Wednesday, Wallace took aim at body positivity's so-called contribution to obesity rates, according to a Newshub report today.

"I think, unfortunately, we have normalised the idea of being overweight. When I was overseas quite recently, you would pass by these huge ads for fashion ... and there would be distinctly overweight women, like dare I say it, fat women in these ads, advertising clothes and that is now seen as normal.

"You either advertise with people who have what I would see as 'a normal body', maybe a size 12 or 14. You put a size 18 there and people think that's normal and healthy," Wallace said.

Dame Valerie hit back, adding "So many young girls out there already have body image issues and you come out saying this BS.

"I am a size 18-20 depending on what it is, therefore I should tape over my mouth???

"You need to get educated on the human body and realise the amount of damage you're doing by making these comments on national television."

Louise Wallace shared Dame Valerie Adams' post on her Instagram account.  Source / Instagram

Wallace responded on Saturday on Instagram suggesting she was "Happy to upper cut myself if that helps", without showing any real inclination to walk-back her remarks.

"Dame Valerie Adams is a great NZ’er who has devoted her life to nutrition, exercise and self motivation.

"As a social commentator I was asked my opinion about our appalling stats on obesity and I gave it. I am not a dietician, personal trainer, nutritionist or medical professional, nor do I profess to be. I could have lied and said that they were just something we have to live with in the 21st century or I could say how I really felt. I chose to do the latter," Wallace wrote.

Louise Wallace.  Source / Instagram

"I have had so many wonderful and inspiring messages from people who decided to begin a weight-loss journey in order to live longer and they all said it was the best thing they’d ever done and wished they’d done it sooner. One woman had lost an incredible 43kg’s.

"It’s those people we should take inspiration from, not those who can think of nothing better to say on social media than calling me a c..t. Have a lovely weekend. xx," Wallace signed off.