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Stacey Fluhler's 'superpower' side hustle

Photo: Greg Bowker / Getty Images

Black Ferns star Stacey Fluhler has revealed she has a "side hustle" that gives you "superpowers".

The World Cup winning centre has told Stuff she has a small business selling brightly-coloured hair scrunchies, which started out as a way she and her Black Ferns Sevens and 15s teammates could add a woman's touch to the game.

"We wore them to feel more feminine in a male dominated sport. Me and a few of the girls would travel around the world and buy them, then I got a lot of people asking 'why don't you make your own business'?" the "scrunchie entrepreneur" told Stuff.

She put her university education in sport and business to use and now has this 'little project'.

"I don’t make a lot of money [from it] but it’s more about having a little side hustle where I can make other people happy."

It seems the scrunchie has reached newfound star status, with The Spinoff suggesting in October that "The humble scrunchie is the real MVP of the Rugby World Cup".

Fluhler's scrunchies have proven popular with local sports teams across the country, including netball, hockey and rugby players.

She told Stuff she hopes to inspire young girls to follow their dreams and do whatever they want to do.

“It’s so cool seeing their faces when I give them [scrunchies] as gifts.”

Scrunchies give you “superpowers,” Fluhler joked.