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Lani Daniels IBF's new world no. 1 ranked women's heavyweight

Photo / NZ Hearld

Newly introduced IBF women's world heavyweight rankings have Lani Daniels in top spot.

The IBF has had women's rankings since April 2011 but not in all divisions.

Today, the IBF introduced the women's heavyweight rankings because of the scheduled title fight between Lani Daniels and fellow Kiwi, Alrie Meleisea, on 27 May in Auckland.

The rankings are 1st Lani Daniels, 2nd Alrie Meleisea, 3rd Oxandia Castillo (Dominican Republic) and 4th Razel Mohammed (South Africa).

Daniels is now the top-ranked heavyweight in the WBC, IBF and on BoxRec and 2nd in the WBA behind Castillo.

The IBF not only released rankings in the women's heavyweight division today but across all women's weight divisions.