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LIVE: Waitangi w/ Whakaata Māori

Māori+ will carry live broadcasts from the Treaty grounds at Waitangi during Monday's national holiday; Whakaata Māori will carry the broadcast live on Freeview channel 5 and channel 19 on Sky TV. Photo / Michael Cunningham / NZME / File

Whakaata Māori is featuring live coverage of events commemorating the signing of Te Tiriti from the Treaty grounds at Waitangi.

Broadcasters Tini Molyneux and Peter Lucas-Jones are covering events from Te Tii Marae, from dawn, including the 5am karakia.

Māori+ is carrying the broadcast live, as is Whakaata Māori (channel 5, Freeview and 19 on SkyTV).

National commemorations, including speeches, interviews, the parade of waka, music and discussion run from 9am to 1pm.

Contemporary and historical perspectives are central to the day's broadcasts,

Watch live coverage of Waitangi Day 2023 Here

Above: Waitangi Day 2023 w/ Whakaata Māori. Video / Whakaata Māori

The Negotiators showcases those who steered iwi through the minefields of claims and complex settlements at 2.30 PM.

MENG - a documentary about Meng Foon – the son of Chinese immigrants, former Gisborne mayor, Human Rights Commissioner and fluent te reo Māori speaker airs at 3.30pm.

Waitangi - What Really Happened? airs at 4.55 PM followed by rangatahi discussing the impacts of colonisation today and how they are decolonising themselves, in Rediscovering Aotearoa.

Te Ao Mārama, the network's flagship nightly news programme wraps the day's events at 6.30pm before the broadcast premiere of Whetū Mārama, a documentary telling the story of Tā Hekenukumai Ngaiwi Puhipi, aka Sir Hector Busby, and his significance in keeping waka building alive, and rejuvenating history of Māori as pioneering star navigators.


6.55am: E TŪ KAHIKATEA (Te Ao Māori) – A series that walks with inspirational kaumātua. In this episode: Hekenukumai Puhipi.

7.55am: RAGE AGAINST THE RANGATAHI (Youth) – Heading to the hotspot of Te Tai Tokerau.

8.25am: MURA O TE AHI (Te Reo) – Waitangi Special. A debate show about having fun with the reo and showcasing natural Māori humour.

8.50am: TE MATATINI TM50 (Haka) – Celebrating 50 years of kapa haka.

9am: LIVE: WAITANGI 2023

1.00pm: TAMA KAIĀTEA (Whānau Movie): – The inter-galactic travels of Wiremu and his whānau.

2.30pm: THE NEGOTIATORS (Te Ao Māori) – Focusing on those who steered their iwi through a minefield of claims and complex settlements. In this episode: Alex Nathan (Ngāti Roroa).

3.30pm: MENG (Documentary) – A documentary about Meng Foon – the son of Chinese immigrants, former Mayor of Gisborne, Human Rights Commissioner and fluent speaker of te reo Māori.

4.55pm: WAITANGI – WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? (Documentary) – An imaginary reporter travels back in time to cover the days leading up to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

6.05pm: REDISCOVERING AOTEAROA (Documentary) – Young kiwis discuss the impacts of colonisation today and how they are decolonising themselves.

6.30pm: TE AO MĀRAMA (News) – Whakaata Māori flagship nightly news programme. Presented by Peata Melbourne.

7.00pm: MT ZION (Whānau Movie) – The story of a musically gifted spud picker from Pukekohe

8.30pm: PREMIERE: WHETŪ MĀRAMA – The story of Hekenukumai Puhipi (Busby) and his contribution to rediscovering celestial navigation and the building of waka hourua.

10.00pm: THE DARK HORSE (Movie) – The story of a brilliant but troubled New Zealand chess champion.

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