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Toi Kai Rawa unveils strategy to drive Māori economic growth in Bay of Plenty

Toi Kai Rawa, a dedicated trust focused on awakening solutions that ignite Māori economies within the wider Bay of Plenty region, has revealed its new strategy at a launch event, named Pō Karamata, in Tauranga.

Toi Kai Rawa chief executive Awhina Ngatue emphasised that the unveiling of their strategy marks a significant milestone, symbolising the remarkable progress and achievements in empowering Māori within a fully Māori economic space.

“The Māori economy is worth an estimated $70 billion, with the Bay of Plenty’s Māori economy expected to be a driving force behind our region’s growth, especially as more than 40,000 new jobs are anticipated by 2050 – and we must be prepared for that,” Ngatuere said.

Ngatuere told the launch event in Tauranga that Toi Kai Rawa’s new strategy involved awakening initiatives to mobilise the region’s rangatahi, pākihi Māori and resources, while also strengthening collaboration with key stakeholders, the appointment of a new visionary governance board; and the unveiling of a new brand identity which captured its values and aspirations.

“We have a full board complement and now we are in the mix of building partnerships to scale up our impact across Māori business networks, Māori communities and whenua Māori collectives.”

“At the moment we have an extremely unique Māori profile across the region. We have over 35 iwi, over 230 hapu, over 163 marae with the third- largest Māori population in the country and also a very youthful one at that, and we have done a lot of mahi in terms of strategic initiatives around rangatahi, which is really exciting, as we see that the future of our rohe is Māori”.

She said Toi Kai Rawa acknowledged the pivotal role of various entities in their establishment, including He Mauri Oho Oho - New Zealand’s first regionally coordinated Māori economic development strategy, which played a crucial part in the formation of Toi Kai Rawa Trust.

“Our commitment to driving economic prosperity and fostering thriving communities in our rohe is unwavering and with the appointment of our new governance board, the unveiling of our strategy, and the launch of our new brand identity, we are more determined than ever to create a lasting impact that uplifts Māori communities and fosters a sustainable future for the broader Bay of Plenty community.”

“Mobilising young Māori into higher-value jobs and self-employment will play a significant role in achieving sustainable region-wide growth.”