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‘I am so ready’ - Carter in Parliament as special votes increase Green Party seats

The Greens picked up another seat last week after special votes from this year’s election confirmed Kahurangi Carter in Parliament.

The Ngāti Māniapoto and Tainui MP’s inclusion makes it 15 Greens in Parliament, making them the third largest party after Labour and National.

“I am so ready” she says. “The Green MPs are a very clever bunch who are compassionate, empathetic, and ready for the mahi ahead of us.”

Before being an MP, Carter was a senior advisor for the Ministry for the Environment. She credits her mahi on the taiao to her mother.

“My mum instilled in my siblings and me a really deep passion for the environment, Ranginui and Papatuānuku because we lived in harmony with nature, so we’ve always taken our guidance from mother nature.

“She also instilled in us this passion for public service - being there for our neighbours, our kaumātua and the environment so i think that’s prepared me well.”

Although she lost her electorate race for Christchurch Central to Labour’s Duncan Webb, she says she will make sure she and her fellow opposition members hold the incoming government to account.

“I want to be a strong voice for Papatuānuku and Ranginui,” she says.

She and six other MPs are of Māori or Pasifika descent, which makes up half of their caucus.

“That means that our strong, unwavering voice for Te Tiriti justice, for a te ao Māori worldview, which we know if it’s good for Māori, it’s good for everyone.”

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