Regional | Ngāiterangi

2013 North Harbour Open Beach Volleyball champs

Although there was a light rain in the morning, it didn't worry the players, among them, Melissa Ruru (Tūhoe).

Her fascination with beach volleyball began when she was young.

In the Open Men's section, Tame Malcolm's team challenged the visitors from America, Will Montgomery and Tri Bourne in an exciting game for both sides.

But in the end, the NZ team failed to get a spot in the semi-finals.

But the most exciting game of the day was Paora Morunga (Ngāiterangi) and Griffin Muller (Tūhoe) fighting it out against Tom Hartles and Jesse Hawkins.

Morunga won the secondary schools volleyball champs while at Trident High School in Whakatāne in 2010, hence his increasing success in this sport.

In the end, they gained a spot in the semi-finals, and Morunga would no doubt like to climb the international volleyball ladder.

Reporter:  Wepiha Te Kanawa