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Māori culture intensive for the Warriors

The Vodafone Warriors had a few lessons in our country's indigenous culture yesterday.

Warriors board member, Donna Grant, and her husband, Anaru Grant, proposed the initiative so that Warriors players and management could better understand the Māori culture.

Anaru Grant said, "They (Warriors) hope to gain an understanding of Māori culture and gain an edge when it comes to facing the challenges before them this year and in the years to come."

The day began in the dining hall with an NZQA-approved Māori language test.

However, their visitors weren't swayed in the slightest.

Warriors skipper Simon Mannering revealed that they were 'getting there', that they were having a bit of a laugh but learning a lot along the way.

Haka was next, and it was obvious the boys were more than excited to engage in the arts of Tūmatauenga.

It was plain to see that the wider Vodafone Warriors team have taken a shine to Māori culture, but we'll have to wait until February to see whether or not it's had an impact on the league field.

Reporter:  Wepiha Te Kanawa