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How will Tainui be governed ?

There was unanimous support at the Waikato Tainui special meeting yesterday that it’s time for the tribe to address issues of Governance that have caused friction in recent years.

Te Kauhanganui member Norm Hill says the issues surrounding the Governance are mainly centered on an individual basis he says some want things one way and another wants things another way so he believes if the numbers are reduced in terms of Governance problems would be solved faster.

Questions also surfaced in regards to using the Kings name to action this motion when fundamental issues between the Kingitanga movement and Tribal Governance are still unsettled.

With one iwi member Rererangi Eketone claiming organisers of the hui were contradicting themselves by claiming the King shouldn’t be involved in such issues then tucking tail and claiming he was a key to selecting and making decisions around Governance.

One key theme that was strongly advocated was youth participation in future strategic planning around all facets of tribal participation including Governance.

A steering committee to oversee new Governance structure options will be established, but exactly how the members will be selected and established is still unclear.

The next meeting addressing these issues will be held on the 1st of June and it’s anticipated that some firm decisions will be determined at this stage.