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Tūhoe sign Deed of Settlement

It was an historic day for the Children of the Mist with emotions running high as thoughts turned to those who have passed on.

Throughout the country, Tūhoe suffered some of the harshest treatment by the Crown.

Meaning the road of redemption is a tough one. Leading the team tasked with that challenge is Tamati Kruger.

A modest unassuming man who likes to keep a low profile in the background, there was no hiding from the praise he received today.

It's almost been five years since the first negotiation meeting between Tūhoe and the Crown.

At one point, it was thought impossible that Te Urewera would be returned to the tribe but according to the Minister, the negotiators stood their ground.

With the settlement, Tūhoe will regain management of Te Urewera,

$170 million in cash, and tribal independence regarding issues such as health, education and housing.

The challenge now is to take the document back to the people. If it's agreed to, it will then be tabled before Parliament for approval.

Mr Kruger has done the hard yards and it's time now for the younger generation to step up to the challenge.

Reporter: Maiki Sherman.