Regional | Far North District Council

Fire bans issued In the Far North

The Far North has been plagued with dangerous fires over the past month, hence the earliest ever fire ban being issued for the region including a special request to Māori communities to be vigilant.

Northern Rural Fire District Officer Miles Taylor says, “We have quite a few isolated Māori communities in Northland and it appears that sometimes their use of fire can get out of control, so we're just trying to educate them and let them know that they need to be very careful with the use of fire".

Due to dry conditions, the decision was made that public must acquire permits for all outdoor fires.

The authority will continue their hard line approach that began with the death of a helicopter pilot on the Karikari Peninsula.

Now, those lighting fires without permits will be billed for the costs of putting it out, ranging from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars, should helicopters be required.

With Guy Fawkes sweeping the skies tomorrow night, it’s important that users be extra careful when lighting them as one small spark could easily spread rapidly.