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Tachikawa workers not left empty handed

Last month, Tachikawa Forest Products was placed into receivership, affecting over 120 workers who have all lost their jobs.

But it looks like these former workers won't be leaving empty-handed,

FIRST Union says Kordamentha who has taken over Tachikawa, will be making some form of a redundancy.

According to Syd Keepa, “It was originally going to be 50c to a dollar, now Kordmentha is saying they'll be paying out 43c in a dollar.

I think that's good because they can get up to $8000 before tax so that's something for them anyway.”

But Syd Keepa seems to be happy with what has been offered to these families who have been made unemployed.

“There seems to be a bit of a turnaround in terms of those workers getting something before Xmas.”