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Gallery: Anti-mining hīkoi welcomed onto Te Tii Marae

The Northland hapū who marched from Cape Reinga to Waitangi in protest of deep sea drilling have been welcomed onto Te Tii Marae.

Around 100 people gathered at the gates this morning awaiting the official pohiri.

Norwegian company Statoil has been granted an exploration licence buy the Government for the area of Te Reinga Basin-Northland despite opposition from local


, as a result a number of hapū representatives formed the contingent of the hikoi.

Hīkoi organiser Reuben Taipari says the group is looking forward to presenting the concerns they have to the Government today.

Another spokesperson for the hīkoi, Joel Bristow urged John Key to listen to the concerns of the hapū and take them seriously as the influx of more deep sea drilling in New Zealand could have a devastating impact on the environment.

The Prime Minister is expected to be welcomed onto Te Tii later this morning and throughout the day more politicians are expected to arrive.