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Native Affairs - What Lies Beneath Part 1

Allan Titford was the quintessential Pākehā farmer. A salt of the earth man, all number eight wire and gumboots.

So when he accused the Northland iwi, Te Roroa of being greedy Māori who were after his land, the country rallied behind him. Te Roroa, he said, were violent terrorists who burned down his home.

Mainstream media bought the story. As did a group of wealthy, white New Zealanders who were tired of what they called the treaty gravy train and their influence stretched all the way to Parliament.

14 years later the truth came out - it was Allan Titford who burnt his house down - but some media and lobby groups continue to support him.

Tonight for the first time in nearly twenty years Alex Nathan of Te Roroa gives his first TV interview on this subject. This is part one of Iulia Leilua special two part report.