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Hone Harawira's office shot at

According to Hone Harawira, “Someone has shot at my office, as you can see from the marks on the window.”

As the race for the General Elections cracks off with a bang, Hone Harawira has been hit with one of the perils of being a politician.

Harawira says, “Someone came here in the dark of the night and took a shot at my office, as you can see by the markings on the window.  We don't know who it was. We phoned the police, but haven't received an answer yet.”

Harawira believes this wasn't the actions of a youngster, but rather a person who harbours hatred toward him and the Mana Party.

Harawira says this isn't the first time he's been threatened. He has also had death threats sent to his office and home.  Most importantly the concern for him is his staff and family.

“I've had death threats sent to my office, and now my staff office has been fired upon.  That's very serious.”

“I've urged my staff to be cautious, my people to be cautious. There are people who harbour a lot of hatred toward Mana and Māori in general.”

This issue is now in police hands.  Meanwhile, Harawira says he won't be intimidated by the threats, saying it just makes him stronger.