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Newly-appointed Te Tii Marae committee prepare for Waitangi celebrations

It's been only two weeks since the newly-appointed committee for Te Tii Waitangi Marae took charge, so they've had to get a lot of work completed in a short time to prepare for Waitangi Day.  Today their new chairperson spoke with Te Kāea.

Prepping to take care of thousands of visitors is utmost in the minds of Waitangi locals.

Chairman of Te Tii Marae, Emma Gibbs says, “What's important is that the workers here are direct descendants of signatories to Te Tiriti and the 1835 Declaration of Chiefs. So there's some prestige amongst the workers on this marae.”

Only days have passed since the Māori Land Court appointed a new committee to manage Te Tii Waitangi Marae.  So they've had little time and lots to do.

“It's only been two weeks since the trustees took up their positions but the work is being done. No one has said a thing and there's been a lot of love from all our people,” says Gibbs.

It's the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi with locals of Ngāti Kawa and Ngāti Rahiri descent organising the wider public who will be bringing treaty-related issues onto the marae in the coming days.

“We need to stop the in-fighting and be as one before the government. We should begin today,” says Gibbs.

This evening, there is one welcome for local government, police, Māori Wardens, the media and the many groups with staff working on the marae this week.

Tomorrow morning they will bring their memories of those who have passed on onto the marae followed by the arrival of Governor-General, Jerry Mateparae.