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Te Matatini 2015 - Te Ahikōmau a Hamoterangi

Te Ahikōmau a Hamoterangi are the second host group to perform today at Te Matatini 2015 at Pūtaringamotu, a group steeped in kapa haka history.

Te Ahikōmau ki Hamoterangi started from their senior team Te Ahikāroa.

Male leader of the group, Raniera Dallas told Te Kāea in a recent interview, “The main focus of Te Ahikōmau and Te Ahikāroa is family.  That's what's important to us, family, from the babies to the adults to the elders.  That's what we are all about."

Performer Waipounamu Te Karu told Te Kāea, “Te Ahikōmau started in 2012 but Te Ahikāroa, the senior group, started in 1993, so there are two groups.  Te Ahikāroa is for the elders and the youth.  Te Ahikōmau o Hamoterangi is the competing team for the most part.”

The group was part of the huge Waitaha contingency who welcomed the nation in yesterday's pōhiri ceremony; a very emotional experience for the hosts.

Here is a recent report on the group during their preparations for today's very performance.

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Today, we feature their whakaeke, Tauhinu Korokio.