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Rotorua mayor launches taskforce to assist youth

Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick has today launched her Rotorua mayor's taskforce for jobs.

She says having 1000 people aged 15-24 on a benefit is "wasted human capital".

The taskforce will kick off at 1pm today at Rotorua Lakes Council and will be facilitated by Dave Turner, an international expert on employer engagement in education.

The workforce will link employers and young people.

"It will mean employers understanding the importance of exposing young people to their workplaces but also allowing young people to see there are diverse careers," Chadwick says.

In March last year, there were 1000 young people between 15 and 24 on a benefit. Chadwick says "it doesn't matter if they're in training, or getting some skills or moving on a career pathway, we need to convert them into active learning or doing and that's what the mayor's taskforce is all about for us,"

"It's not good for the future of those children, it's not good for the emerging needs of the spa, health and wellness industry here in Rotorua and for the added value wood industry which are two economic drivers here".

Mayors from across New Zealand are working in unison to allow young people to see things differently about their future and be optimistic.