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Red Peak flag fifth option for potential new flag

Red Peak is across the line and is now officially a fifth option for a potential new flag.

Parliament resumed under urgency today to push legislation through to introduce the controversial outsider to the voting paper.

The Greens have got their way. Now New Zealanders will see Red Peak on voting papers.

But that hasn't stopped Winston Peters having a dig.

Some young Māori say changing it's a waste of time.

The Red Peak flag, created by Aaron Dustin, was inspired by tāniko and the myth of Ranginui and Papa.

Though some have a different take on the design.

MPs are still split over the issue.

Winston Peters says, “If you think the government is being smart here then you have no idea what’s going on outside the gubway.”

Meka Whaitiri says, “I think it's a bloody waste of time to be quite honest.”

As the future flag bearers of this country, it's hoped the views of these young people will be heard.