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Upper Hutt bridge closure cuts off nearly 70 homes

Upper Hutt locals say a damaged bridge that has cut off nearly 70 homes is a first in the area. The Bridge Road Bridge has collapsed, isolating households and interrupting localised services.

Ex-resident Diane Coe says there wasn't always a bridge here. “In the 20s, they used to have baches over there, and people used to row their boats over, and then they got their bridge as more people started living there,” explained Coe.

Upper Hutt City Council have advised people to stay off the bridge as its stability is still unknown.

Coe says the river has a mind of its own. “It’s always been up and down, but it’s never done this much damage, it must have just been damaged throughout the years and finally given up.”

Residents are now using an alternative route down river and council workers are making the track usable for single lane traffic.  Council are also advising residents to stay at home and check emergency supplies just in case.