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Māori Muslim says their religion isn't to blame

NZ First leader Winston Peters says the attacks in Paris represent a "global problem" and New Zealanders "are in danger.”

It's reported the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS has taken responsibility for the attacks, but one Māori Muslim says their religion isn't to blame.

Te Rata Hikairo spent the day with his students creating artwork commemorating lives lost in the weekend.  But as a Muslim, he knows will face backlash for what happened.

Mr Peters says, “Well this is a global problem because of the now engagement in the Middle East struggle."

Labour MP David Shearer spent seven years working in the Middle East for the United Nations. He says border security here should be enough to protect our community. Shearer is also warning the public to not point the finger at Muslims or Syrian refugees here. This is also something Hikairo is supporting.

New Zealand has a low terrorism threat level for now, but with our involvement with the war in the Middle East, it's an issue that is sure to be discussed in Parliament over the coming months.