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Erena Mikaere shares Te Reo Māori knowledge with netball peers

Netballer Erena Mikaere has made a name for herself in Perth.

Last year she moved with her family from the Bay of Plenty to Western Australia. She began playing with the West Coast Fever in 2014.

The six foot four goal keeper was raised in a Māori community and continues to keep her Māori traditions intact. She has been sharing her knowledge of Te Reo Māori with her netball peers.

Erana says “I think the team enjoy me as a person and we've got a quirky thing when we get up and it's time for defence and I say to one of my team mates "come on let’s do the mahi.” And she'll go "do the mahi" as it's time to get up and play.”

Mikaere became the first ever New Zealander to represent an Australian side in ANZ Championship history.

She lives in Western Australia with her partner William Creighton and their daughter Billie. Mikaere is trying to familiarise Billie with the language.

“I don't want to force it upon her but I think when we return home she'll accept it a lot more because it's not said as much here,” says Mikaere.

She became an elite netballer when she first played for the Waikato BOP Magic team in 2012. She helped them win the premiership.

“I didn't even see myself growing up to play for an Australian team. I had always dreamt of playing for Magic. I never ever thought of being an Australian player,” Mikaere says.

The Fever team head into training in mid-January. She hopes she'll claim another premiership win next year which will also add to her considerable bag of tricks.