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Mixed feelings on use of 1080

1080 was a focal point at the Whānau, Hapū and Iwi in Conservation conference held in Te Teko. Māori conservationists as well as representatives from the Department of Conservation debated the continued use of 1080 around NZ.

1080 continues to be an effective tool in protecting our wildlife according to these representatives from the Department of Conservation (DoC).

Joe Harawira (Te Papa Atawhai) says, “This poison 1080 continues to be a huge topic, but those who attended today were able to reach an understanding re-grading why we continue to use it on our lands.”

Many who attended this conference has mixed feeling about the use of 1080 until they heard Richard Witehira's story regarding the use of 1080.

“Why I support it because I could see the results and the turning around of our ngahere where I come from up in Te Pewhairangi, Rākaumangamanga we call it very special place for our hapū, the peninsula was near dying,” says Richard Witehira (Ngapuhi).

NZ has been using 1080 since the 1950's. It's a subject that has been widely debated. But Richard Witehira believes he is winning the war on protecting NZ wildlife.

Witehira says, “I been working with it snice the nineties, it's a toxins but it's the best tool in the tool box.”

According to the representatives from the DoC a new roll out of 1080 will be seen this year.