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Bromwich ready to step up as Kiwi captain

The stage is set for this year's Trans-Tasman Anzac clash in Newcastle, Australia However, it is a big affair in particular for one Māori player. Jesse Bromwich is taking on the side's captaincy this week. His 18th test cap for the Kiwis will be a game he will always remember.

The newest player is taking each stride with a simple approach.

“Bit more talking in the team meetings, and bit more leadership in training”, says Kiwi captain Jesse Bromwich.

These are the new responsibilities thrust upon the new Kiwis captain, Jesse Bromwich, who will lead the side into the heat of the battle in his 18th test cap in the black jersey.

Bromwich says, “Been trying to work on that at the Storm, coming into the Kiwis camp and being the Captain has been good for me, and it's time to step up.”

His Trans-Tasman captain counterpart tonight is one of great stature. Cam Smith will lead the Kangaroos, the Storm veteran entering into a battle of huge proportions.

“I will be stealing a few things, I’m my own man and I'll be looking at being myself and leading through my own actions”, says Bromwich.

Although the battle lines have already been drawn, his NRL teammate is happy about his latest achievement.

Kangaroo’s Captain Cameron Smith says, “His appointment as captain, I think it's very well deserved, we found out after the game when we were on the Gold Coast and all the boys were very pleased with him.”

Friendships aside, the head coach Stephen Kearney says there is only one objective.

“Last year, we were the underdogs, and the year before that, so again it's of no concern to us it’s about us preparing ourselves as best as we can.”

The Anzac test kicks off at 9:30pm (NZST) tonight.