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Maimoatia hits number 1 on NZ iTunes charts

The Māori language song "Maimoatia" has hit the top of iTunes. The single, produced by Cinco Cine's Pukana programme, has taken the nation by storm one day out from the single's official release.

The song could be the next Māori anthem. Last night Maimoatia peaked at number one on NZ's iTunes Charts.

Artist Nathaniel Howe (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou) says, "I didn't think that many people would turn to listen and like this track."

Meanwhile, another artist Raniera Blake (Ngai Tūhoe, Ngāti Porou) said he hoped that the song would, "Gain a Grammy and also make it to the MTV awards."

Maimoatia showcases rangatahi Māori at their finest singing their hearts out, with one goal. To encourage the public to speak and cherish the Māori language.

Makaira Berry (Ngāti Porou, Ngai Tūhoe) who also features on the track says, " Even if the language is grammatically wrong or right, I perhaps have made some grammatical errors in this very interview. So (this song) is about speaking the language no matter what."

The single was only released yesterday and it has already overtaken pop star Justin Timberlake's Cant Stop The Feeling, moving his track down to the second spot on iTunes.

Miss Berry says the next move for Maimoatia is to break into New Zealand's RIANZ Top 20 Charts. She says, "If we do make the NZ Charts, the main objective is that the nation and the world will cherish and love this song."

With less than four percent of fluent speakers of the language in New Zealand, it is hoped that Maimoatia will entice the nation to learn Māori.