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Māori offer support to whānau of killed Aboriginal teenager

The Māori community in Kalgoorlie is banding together to provide assistance to the family of a 14-year old Aboriginal teenager whose death sparked violent protests in the city. It's been reported that the incident was racially motivated.

14-year old Elijah Doughty, who was of Yamaji and Wonkata descent, has been described as a 'happy go lucky kid.'

Friend of the family Maihe Nikora, “The Māori community here in Kalgoorlie is supporting his family through donations, traditional songs and prayer.”

The teen's death has sparked violent protests on Kalgoorlie's main street and outside the courthouse.

“Protesters smashed up courthouse as a result of racial tension. It's fair to say they dispute the manslaughter sentence given to the accused, and believe it should be murder.”

Reports say the violence erupted as a 55-year old man charged with manslaughter over the death of the teenager waited to appear in court.

Maihi Nikora says he's concerned the incident was racially motivated.

“Racism has always been an issue for the Aboriginal people. I really feel for them.”

According to reports, the man charged with manslaughter is unlikely to appear in person in the court, instead appearing via video link.