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PM resignation no surprise - Winston Peters

There's mix reaction to the Prime Minister's resignation with many in shock. Not so for Winston Peters who told Native Affairs reporter Oriini Kaipara he wasn't surprised at all. In fact, his party premeditated today's sudden announcement.

The minute John Key made his shock announcement New Zealand First put out a press release. Peters says they've been waiting for this moment.

“It was inevitable I think as his polls were beginning to fall and people were beginning to see him being short with the media and everyone else we felt he was going to go anyway.”

Maori Party leader, Te Ururoa Flavell was informed minutes before the announcement.

“Taken back a little bit, I thought he would be going through to the next election.  But I can understand his reason, whānau is important for us as well.  He believes the time is right for him to step aside I can respect for that,” says Flavell.

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says, “I don't support JK's politics, never have. I've spent a large part of my political career fighting his political decisions. But he has served the country as Prime Minister and deserves recognition for that.”

On the streets, the reaction is mixed.

"Is that real? We thought it was a joke."

"Be better if it was an election rather than a resignation"

"Can he do that? I mean...why? Why would he do that?"

"I think he did a great job for the country. It's a real shock to us all I think."

But some have seen it all before.

“It's with disappointment he's going but he was getting sort of out of touch,” says Peters.