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CKB fighters Young and Devereux ready for war against China’s best

Auckland City Kickboxing fighters, Shane Young and Selby Devereux set to take on China’s best this weekend at ASB Stadium in Auckland.

The NZ vs China, City Lee Gar event will showcase 4 mixed Martial Arts and 8 Kickboxing fights.

The 23-year old Shane Young is chasing his seventh consecutive win on Saturday while veteran fighter Selby Devereux will fight for the first time since 2015 after suffering a serious dislocated knee.

Head coach Eugene Bareman says both fighters have prepared well, “It worked out that this particular fight Shane and Selby, they fight at a very similar weight and very similar height, they world out to be really good training partners”.

Last night Young’s March 18th BRACE - Featherweight title fight in Sydney Australia was pulled after the news that fighter Jamie Mullarkey has suffered an injury at training. BRACE will look to reschedule the Featherweight fight on a later card.