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Mass haka videos flood the internet in support of Tauranga Moana

Thousands of people have posted videos of mass haka on social media today to demonstrate their support for Tauranga Moana as Tauranga Iwi protest to protect what they believe is theirs.

Tauranga Moana supporters broke the internet with thousands of people streaming live haka in protest of the pending Pare Hauraki settlements.

Pare Hauraki is a confederation of 12 iwi that will soon have rights recognised in relation to Tauranga Moana. Ngāti Ranginui and Ngai Te Rangi claim that the crown has kept them out of any major decisions regarding a Deed of Settlement.

Ngāi Te Rangi descendent Meremaihi Aloua told Te Kāea, "Our main focus is on government processes, the marae is the place for Māori to settle confrontation, it is not through legislation."

Hundreds also gathered at Te Ranga today in commemoration of the 152nd anniversary of the Battle of Te Ranga. Home fires were lit and haka resounded through the area as a demonstration of mana whenua.

"We are strengthening relationships between ourselves and we support the authority of the people, the land and the autonomy of the tribe," adds Aloua.

Aloua says that Ngāi Te Rangi is supportive of Hauraki's treaty settlements, however, they are asking that Tauranga Moana not be included in the deed.