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Canada's Supreme Court says no to oil company

The Supreme Court of Canada has over ruled oil and gas exploration off the coast of an isolated Inuit Hamlet in Northern Canada.

Clyde River locals have been fighting four long years to keep oil and gas companies out of their waters.

The Inuit hamlet located on the shore of Baffin Island's Patricia Bay north of Canada is standing in solidarity against oil and gas exploration.

Green Peace Climate Campaigner Mike Smith says it’s a huge step forward for indigenous people.

“I think any victory against fossil fuel companies is a huge victory. We've probably got three years to transition away from fossil fuels before we reach a tipping point and run away, climate change becomes unstoppable.”

The five-year long seismic testing project was approved back in 2014 by Canada's National Energy Board (NEB), but was cut short by the Supreme Court of Canada who ruled that there was inadequate direct consultation with the people of Clyde River.

New Zealand is no stranger to seismic blasting carried out by ship ‘Amazon Warrior’ the largest seismic testing ship in the world. Back in April this year seismic blasting was conducted off the coast of Hawkes Bay and was strongly opposed by local iwi.

Locals are open to development to benefit their tribe, but warn big companies to follow correct consultation process.