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Auckland voters have mixed feelings about rogue Green MPs

Aucklanders have mixed feelings about what's happening in the Greens after two stalwarts resigned last night in opposition to Metiria Turei staying as co-leader.

One says, “It's sad that these two have stepped down because we're so close to the elections.”

“They gave up too easily. There are many challenges that lie ahead but those two just gave up,” says another.

One supporter says he is sad to see them go.

“I think that Kennedy Graham is a great person. David Clendon not so much but it's sad to hear about their resignation.”

Some voters say Metiria Turei's actions have given beneficiaries a voice.

“Metiria is advocating for people like my family and Māori dealing with poverty.”

“To me, Metiria Turei has shown strength in speaking out.”

And that she should stick to her guns.

“Metiria needs to be headstrong and hang on to her position, no matter what people say,” says one supporter.

However, some believe that it is time for the Greens to seek new leadership.

“I think they should get rid of her. Someone else should step up, a leader to take her place.”

The pair will stay on until the election.

Turei says she is committed to staying on as co-leader.