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Can Labour make Northcote see red?

With only two days till the Northcote by-election, Labour is pulling out all stops with the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern joining their party candidate Shanan Halbert on a walkabout to meet the locals.

With handshakes, smiles and photo opportunities, has the Labour Party got the community in the palm of their hand?

“I've lived in this community for a very long time. I've worked here in our local kura since 2005, training young people,” said Halbert. “So I have the relationships here with the community, with the government.”

One local says his vote will go to Shanan Halbert.

“The guy who's been living here seven years and worked here before that rather than the guy who just moved in after he got selected.”

However, locals are also keen to shake the hand of National's man Dan Bidois, in what is tipped to be a two-horse race between the two Māori candidates

“We're out there campaigning day and night,” said Bidois.

“And I think people just like my story. I'm a born and breed Aucklander. I've moved here I'm committed to this area. I've studied at Harvard, I'm a butcher. People love that I can relate to them.”

The PM Jacinda Adern is spending the day lending her pulling-power and her support to Labours Shanan Halbert's Northcote by-election campaign. But will it be enough?

Some are calling it a close race with Nationals Candidate Dan Bidois while other' have already made their call

Another local said, “Last year I know I voted for Labour, and then I saw the gas prices were going up and thought that I should sign the petition and vote for someone else.”

And yet another resident said she will vote National again because she has always voted for them.

The by-election will take place on Saturday and although both candidates are confident of taking out the seat, they agree voter turnout will be the deciding factor.