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Daniels-Peres rematch for World Boxing Title

Taitokerau descendant, Lani Daniels will rematch an old foe for a world title.

"It's always been one of my dreams to be a world champion and that's what I was going for at amateur level and now I've been given a great opportunity to make the most of it," Daniels said

She's taking on newly dubbed New Zealand Citizen Geovana Peres in the hopes to secure the title.  The pair met in March of this year, where Daniels was bested in a split decision match.  And now, she is looking to turn the tables.

"I think she's really, really good - which is better because I'd rather fight someone who is going to push me to bring out the best in me," said Daniels of her opponent.

Favourite, 41 year old Peres, has won six of her seven professional bouts and is a two time New Zealand light heavyweight champion.  Her pro-career started back in 2016 as a result of a boxing regulation.

"The age limit for amateur 40 is the limit.  I couldn't fight in amateur anymore, so, my coach decided to turn me pro; and, here I am," Peres explained.

The two will face-off in what is anticipated to be a feisty match.

"This time I want to step it up a bit extra and there's only one way I see it going," Daniels admitted.

The bout will take place on March 30 in Auckland.