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Police offer little response on racist leaflet handout

Picture: Bay Of Plenty Times

A leaflet drop in Ōtumoetai imploring people to 'save the white race' has elicited little response from the local police, according to the Bay Of Plenty Times.

The leaflets, which were distributed by a local neo-Nazi group to homes in the area, also said that ‘white people’ had ‘no need to feel guilt about the imagined sins of their forefathers’.

A police media spokeswoman told the Times that police had also received three reports of leaflets being delivered to a concentrated area in one Tauranga suburb last week.

Multiple people in and around Ōtumoetai told the Times they had received one, with the drops seemingly coming at night.

However, police did not offer a response on what steps were being taken to address the issue, only saying anyone who had any information about the origin of the flyers should contact the police on 105.