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Kaitahi superfood helps to boost immunities as winter approaches

Kaitahi is an iwi-owned enterprise and is boosting household wellbeing with donations of their award-winning Frozen Superfood Smoothy Drops to iwi and emergency care services throughout the North Island.

With Winter fast approaching, frozen smoothie drops will be delivered to ward off the COVID-blues.

General Manager of Te Kāhui o Rauru Leonie Matoe says, "This is the gift of Ngā Rauru Kī Tahi to all the essential workers who are supporting their communities. The main objective for us is to show our appreciation.

Kaitahi distributed 400 cartons of superfood product nationwide in the last week, the first drop to local and urban Marae in Auckland.

Matoe explains, "We sent our donations to all the many families throughout the Te Ranga Tupua network in Whanganui. We distributed to the Tīhei whānai in the Hawkes Bay. Also in Taranaki and to all the many workers in the Auckland area, in particular, our whānau from Manurewa Marae."

Kaitahi is part of the local iwi response network Te Ranga Tupua supporting emergency care services throughout Te Taihauāuru.

CEO of Te Kāhui o Rauru Mike Neho says, "Te Ranga Tupua approached Ngā Rauru and from there the thought from that point was to support anybody who was in need of assistance throughout the crisis, no matter who they were."

Ngā Rauru have seen much potential in Kaitahi and plans to develop and grow their business by preserving traditional Māori food and ingredients.

Neho adds, "It's not just about saving our traditional foods but providing another option so that we keep eating them also."

Matoe says in closing, "We created a beverage made from our traditional Māori ingredients like kawakawa, pūhā, kūmara, and mixing it with lemon, oranges, green leaves. Blending into the one - all those healthy ingredients."

After trading for just over a year, Kaitahi has built a loyal local customer base and now have a presence in 31 Countdown stores nationwide.

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