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Destiny Church makes traffic stopping protest ride into Auckland CBD

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki at a past rally for indigenous justice in Wellington.  Photo/File

A convoy of Destiny Church motorbike riders led by leader Brian Tamaki rode down the southern motorway from Manukau to Queen St in Auckland today to protest for "freedom and rights".

Motorcyclists begin their ride to Queen Street.  Source/Aroha Edwards

In a media release, Tamaki and the Tu Tangata Riders said they were making a stand to change the government because they were tired of their freedoms and rights "being violated by this present government".

Tamaki said, "He wants to protect the Kiwi Way of Life."

Police stopped traffic in the central city as the large group of riders made their way to Aotea Square where Tamaki delivered his "Let's Get NZ Back" speech.

Convoy leaves Queen Street. Source/Aroha Edwards