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Victoria lockdown leaves whānau with no car

A Melbourne based whānau is facing lockdown with no access to a vehicle.

An unusual consequence of the Victorian lockdown is that people have been unable to register their vehicles.

“The Victorian Transport Authority is closed,” Jessie Lloyd says.

“We can’t register the car, and they’ve postponed the appointments to register the car until this is lifted.”

Lloyd’s partner Mere-Rose Paul (Ngāi Tūhoe) says that they are unable to take their young baby in a taxi, so they walk everywhere.

Lloyd’s work as a performer has been suspended until further notice. She’s on a ‘jobkeeper benefit’ until September.

She says she will need to be creative to generate income in lockdown.

Paul is a fulltime whaea, and she brings their daughter Alex with them on tour.

“Alex just loves it. She loves travelling,” Paul says.

In the meantime, they’re stuck at home while Alex 'tears the house up'.