Māori Council chair calls New Zealand Trump supporters 'idiots' and 'coneheads'

Māori Council chair Matthew Tukaki calls New Zealand Trump supporters “idiots” and “coneheads”.

Tukaki says that there is a march in support of Trump planned for Wellington later this week is “conehead behaviour.” He also speculates that the attack on the Parliament building at 5:25 am today is related to the protests that began in the United States in retaliation of the electoral results that indicated Donald Trump had lost and Joe Biden had won.

The storming of Capitol Hill and its effects didn’t stop at flag-waving, the exercise proved fatal for some supporters, three of which died due to "medical emergencies".

Support for Trump has grown in New Zealand, with a march held last week in Auckland central. Protesters were seen waving Whakaminenga and Tino Rangatiratanga Flags in support of their cause

But Tukaki says they are "coneheads" marching alongside the likes of Billy Te Kahika and says to Māori Trump supporters: “Do not use Māori symbols to perpetuate your hōhā that somehow Māori are in support of Donald Trump …Donald Trump is nothing more than a bone head.”